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Your Membership with us creates an instant community of supporters who align with our mission. 

As a Member, you will be able to choose your level of involvement. You will be eligible to adopt and foster and will be encouraged to be part of our educational outreach programs. 

To ensure continuity and quality of care, we will only adopt an animal to a member of our Sanctuary. Upon approval, only members enjoy the privilege of adopting animals that have been relinquished to us.

Please read all the FAQ's below before proceeding with registration.




How much is membership?

$8/per month


What is membership with Eden Animal Sanctuary?

Membership with us is a family of turtle and tortoise enthusiasts who embrace our standards of care for captive husbandry and are actively engaged in making a difference in the lives of these animals!


What do I get for being a member?

Your membership is a way of saying “I’m with you!”. Not only does your membership create a tight-knit community that is greatly needed, but your fees go toward the care of our on-site animals, operating costs, outreach programs, foster programs, etc. As a member you will be able to choose your level of involvement. We highly encourage our members to become involved as foster homes, adopters and educators in our outreach programs! We do not offer gifts in exchange for your monthly fees, but instead use them as necessary for the benefit of our animals.


I am a member and I want to adopt. Am I automatically approved?

We are glad you want to adopt and are glad you’re a member! While only members will have access to adoptable animals and adoption applications, you will still have to go through the screening and approval process. We take our responsibility for these animals very seriously and our first obligation is to their safety and quality of life. We reserve the right to place our animals with whom we believe is the best fit.


How long do I need to be a member before I can adopt?

That will depend on how long it takes for your application and habitat to be approved. At this time we do not have a set time limit before applying for an animal.


Do I have to return my adopted animal to you if I cancel my membership?

No. But we prefer that you stayed with us! Advocates for captive turtles & tortoises are few and far between. Having a group that is actively engaged in our communities on their behalf is the only way we can change how proper captive husbandry for these animals is culturally perceived and accepted.


Once I become a member, how can I get more involved?

As a member, you will have access to adoption opportunities, foster care programs, educational outreach positions and Volunteer Specialist positions! Your involvement will make the lasting impact that these captive animals so desperately need in our current pet consumer culture. 

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