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Our Mission:

Eden Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected, abused, injured or unwanted captive chelonians (turtles & tortoises). 

We are passionate about educating the public about proper chelonian husbandry.

How We Got Started

I (Rachel) have had a fascination with chelonians since I can remember. I rescued my first box turtle in high school back when I lived on the east coast and have had several different species of tortoises over the years since then. I had always dreamt of having a large tortoise of my own one day,  happily grazing in the back yard.

Shortly after moving to Texas I volunteered as a foster home and adoption counselor for several local dog rescues. After six years of being involved in rescue, rehabilitation and adoption counseling I was pretty familiar with the rescue world. I decided once we moved to the hill country I wanted to adopt a large tortoise (African Sulcata to be exact). Surely there had to be one in need of a new home! To my surprise I could not find any local tortoise rescues and to be honest I was disappointed.


--Insert Long Story Here--

In January of 2015 I felt there was a need, so I decided to start my own rescue for unwanted turtles & tortoises. In December of 2015 we received our official 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity  status with the IRS.

The response has been astounding! I knew there was a need for a local chelonian rescue but I didn't realize how great that need really was (is)! We have also had incredible donor support from day one!

The most rewarding thing for me is to match up adopters with the turtle or tortoise of their dreams!

Now I get to make dreams come true for others, what could be better than that?!

Rachel with Sage, a rescue Leopard Tortoise

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