New Changes as of January 2020:

Your habitat must be complete before submitting an application.

We will only accept applications for animals that are curre

Local Texas adoptions only. We do not ship our animals.

-Applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

If you are applying as a family with children under 18, parents are the responsible party to complete the application & sign the adoption agreement at time of adoption.


-Must be able to provide a secure outdoor habitat that provides a natural, varied, species-appropriate diet and natural sunlight.

We will not adopt to homes intending on keeping tortoises or turtles in an artificial setting.

The exception to an artificial dwelling is hatchling care and winter setups for non-hibernating species.



-Committed to lifetime care.

Tortoises/Turtles can live for 30+ years. If you don’t plan to keep your animal for that long then this may not be the right pet for you.


-Tortoises are NOT gifts for children.

Tortoises/turtles are not pets for children’s rooms, nor are they acceptable pets to be handled on a regular basis due to fragility and their risk of carrying salmonella which can be harmful to children.

-No Breeders.

Because we see the constant need for rescue, we do not adopt to homes that would intentionally or unintentionally result in a breeding pair or community. The mixing of males & females not only inevitably results in breeding, but constant harassment of females and is a stressful environment. You must have the willingness and ability to keep males & females separated at all times.


African Sulcata Tortoises

These large tortoises are not suitable pets for everyone. In order to adopt one of our sulcatas you must:

  • Own your home

  • Have a very large, very strong fenced-in area with grasses, plants and shaded areas, fully prepared to house a full grown tortoise of 200 lbs.

  • Have a winter house prepared

  • Have experience and/or have done thorough research on these tortoises!

  • **Please note our policy change** if you already own a MALE Sulcata, please do not apply. Female to female homes or single male sulcata homes only. For more information about multiple sulcata homes please read this article from our good friends at Central Texas Tortoise Rescue. If you already own a female, you will only be approved for a female from us, we do not match male/female pairs.


Our adoption fee amounts for our animals are based on species, size, etc. We DO NOT charge adoption fees for native species (such as sliders, native Texas box turtles). All of the fees we receive from adoptions go back into helping more animals in need!

Tortoise/Box Turtle Adoption Application 

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Aquatic Turtle

Adoption Application

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**Please note**

After submitting application, photos of intended habitat must be emailed to:


Acceptable enclosure photos show a current dated newspaper/piece of mail with your name on it.

Unfortunately, with the ability to copy pictures from the internet,

we must require photos in this manner to prove they are authentic and current.


Thank you for your understanding.


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